Mahalo for your support
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Special Thanks
Mahalo for providing Keoni with comfort, nutrition and hydration for his entire  journey.
These gifts were completely unexpected... your generosity is truly appreciated.
Kimmy ships Keoni VIBE monthly!! It's nutritionally packed protein powder that gives him the energy he needs to put in 20-30 miles a day! She's da bomb!!!
Keoni's Big Island Running Co. shirts keep him warm when he needs to be and cool on the hot days.
Jason also created all the t-shits and hats! A HUGE THANK YOU TO HIM FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE!
After a long day of walking, Keoni slides on his OOFOS witch gives his feet the comfort they need after a long day of walking... it's like walking on pillows.  aa long day of walking.
Keoni fills his 40 oz. Kona Brew Pub Hydro Flask full of water.. not beer! It stays cold all day... best gift ever!!!
Keoni will be forever grateful for all of the wonderful people who have opened their homes and made him feel like family. Knowing where he will sleep at night gives him great comfort for the challenging days ahead. Thank you for being a part of his journey, for providing him with a cozy bed and nourishing food.... you have made his experience EXTRA special.

Thank you simply it's enough
Leahi took care of Keoni from day one. She housed him, showed him around New York City and drove him to Point Pleasant, NJ for the start of "The Walk" . She was the perfect person to be there for Keoni during this special time. We love you and are so grateful for all you do.
Nancy and David connected with Keoni when he needed them most. As he walked down the hwy on day two, completely exhausted and unsure of where he was going to sleep, they pulled up in their truck, offered him a bed to sleep in and a home cooked meal... A true blessing.
Long time friends Lance, Michele and their daughter  Madison took Keoni under their wing for 3 days. Drove Keoni back to the spots they picked him up so he could get in all his miles, showed him around Philly and made him feel so comfortable it was hard to leave. Such a gift.
Paul, Kim, Kristina and Gemma went well beyond the call of duty. They gave Keoni the grand tour of Washington DC, helped him get his push cart and suggested the C&O Canal Trail. Best advice ever!!! Thank you for making Keoni feel like family.
Friends of a friend, Kysa and Ken spoiled Keoni rotten. Drove hours to pick him up and drop him off on the C&O Trail two days in a row, treated him to dinner, took him shopping and best of all... to the shooting range!!! How can we ever thank you?
Thanks to my dear friend's parents, Keoni was able to spend 3 nights in Morgantown, WV. He slept well, ate well and cleaned all his clothes. After putting in 20-30 miles a day for over a week, he was grateful for the loving, caring, cozy home.
Keoni's trail angels Paul and Sharon.Thank you for making Keoni feel so welcome... you both are a true gift to the people who take on this journey. Keoni appreciated you both far more then you know. Mahalo
We would like to thank the many campsite in Ohio that took great care of Keoni. Especially, Carthage Gap RV Park in Coolsville... not only did they let him stay there for FREE, the campsite was AMAZING!!!
The many churches in Ohio were incredibly kind to Keoni. Grace Fellowship in Peebels and Keoni's "Trail Angel" Sherry went beyond want we could have dreamed by putting him up in a Hotel!
Jack and Kathy from Batevia, Ohio will always hold a special place in Keoni's heart. They have blessed him in so many ways, there's simply not enough room on this page! They truly are Keoni's "Trail Angels"
Connections are amazing. Somehow I was fortunate enough to call Sharon and the rest is history!! Keoni enjoyed the Koch family so much, he stayed an extra day... The acts of kindness were simple INCREDIBLE!!!
After leaving Cincinnati Keoni's cart broke. As he balanced his cart on 2 wheels, Keoni happened to walk by Delta Propeller where the owner was kind enough to solder the brake... Thank you so much guys!!!
Jolene and Brad, The Park Ranger at Versailies State Park truly gave Keoni the royal treatment... They fed him, loaded him up with snacks for the road and gave him a card with $100 in it... WOW!!!! THANK YOU!!!
While in Brownstown, Keoni's cart broke AGAIN!!! These wonderful guys fixed it and fixed in good... the cart has been in top shape ever since! Thank you gentlemen!
I new when I called Debbie & Dean at Montgomery Ruritan Campground, Keoni would be  treated incredibly well. Debbie gave Keoni a tour of their town, made him dinner and sent him off with a breakfast sandwich!!!
A big thank you to Jim, at the Martin State Forest Campground. Due to the narrow and windy road, Jim drove Keoni into Shoals and treated him to breakfast. Thank you Jim for your kind heart.
The Richardson's family where so drawn to Keoni's story, that they went out of their way to pick Keoni up, took him to their house, treated him to dinner and a night stay and then drove him back to where they picked him up...So amazing!!! So grateful!!!
Brenda and Mike from St. Louis truly went beyond the call of duty... they made Keoni feel so welcome, it was hard to leave. They showed him around the city, introduced him to their beautiful family created memories that will last a lifetime.
many Mahalo's to The Schwarz"s Family!!! Haley picked Keoni up from the Katy Trail, took him to their place in Columbia and spoiled him rotten for two days!!! Kind hearts and cozy beds are hard to leave... xxoo
Keoni had a wonderful time with Nick, a friend he met while volunteering in Africa. Nick showed him around the college town and they talked about reuniting someday in Europe!! Thank you for the amazing picture Nck!!!
Julie is always there for Keoni... ALWAYS!!! She saw that he was having trouble with his cart and that storms where heading his way, so she sent Keoni $500 to help take care of any added expenses. THANK YOU for your incredible kindness Julie. aa long day of walking.
Kate was our Aunties neighbor when she lived in Kona... Her family has since moved back to Kansas and the moment Keoni started walking across the country, Kate has been patiently waiting for him to reach Kansas... She has had Keoni's back and has been an incredible support system... We are so so grateful for her many blessings. I feel fortunate that I will be able to thank her in person on June 30th!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Julie is always there for Keoni... ALWAYS!!! She saw that he was having trouble with his cart and that storms where heading his way, so she sent Keoni $500 to help take care of any added expenses. THANK YOU for your incredible kindness Julie. aa long day of walking.
We will never be able to thank Gary and Ann enough. Not only did they house, Keoni, they took in our entire family!! Gary helped Keoni get his cart ready for the desert and Ann showed Keoni all the sights in Wichita. To top it all off, they drove 3.5 hours to Dodge City to hand deliver something to Keoni and spend the 4th of July with us... the gift were countless. From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!!!

A HUGE thank you to Larry at Northcutt for doing an exceptional job of fixing Keoni's cart... third times a charm!! We hope!!!

I would love to take a moment to thank Maurice, the owner of the Santa Fe Inn in Las Animas, CO... he gifted Keoni a free night stay at his hotel

A huge thank you to Kristen and Pastor Joe from Christ's New Covenant Church for showing Keoni around Syracuse, KS and providing him with a meal and a safe place to spend the night... It truly means a lot.

Mike and Myra, the owners of the Sands Motel in Walsenburg treated Keoni to a FREE night stay and are know the proud owners of Forest... Keoni's cart! Thank you for everything!
Karin and Dave~ Thank you for everything... Dinner, conversation and being at the right place at the right time! It truly is a small world! Mahalo to you both, I know Keoni will be seeing you both again soon.
Eilleen my heart is filled with gratitude... Thank you so very, very much for your kindness, guidance and teaching Keoni about listening to his inner compass. His time with you meant so much.... and as his mother, I am forever grateful.
Linda, thank you so much for connecting Keoni with Ken... and Ken, thank you for the delicious chicken alfredo and making Keoni comfortable on a cot at the local church... it all cam at the PERFECT time!!!  You both are amazing!!
While in Durango, Keoni was gifted 2 nights at the Days End... and this was a gift from friends, of friends, of friends!!! Thank you Bulen Family for your incredible generosity! 
Thank you Stephanie for welcoming him with open arms and treating him to some ice cream! You're a doll. Keoni wishes he got to your RV park earlier... he said it was beautiful!
The Volunteer Firefighters at the Auroa Fire Department in Indiana went out of there way to make Keoni feel welcome... Thank you all so very much. The pizza was good too!